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Astrology Degrees. Real or Fake?

Astrology Degrees

As the demand for astrology is increasing day by day, especially in India and other southeast Asian countries many people are taking astrology as their profession. To make a successful start in their astrological career professionals are looking for some degrees, diplomas, and doctorates so that they can gain the trust of their clients. Many astrologers especially in India use doctors, Shastri, Acharya, pandit, etc adjectives before or after their name. They are doing their branding or self-promotion with their names or degrees. Portraying those degrees on their online and offline presence.

Being an experienced astrologer and as it is our family tradition I have a big doubt whether those degrees/impositions are real or fake. In support of my query, there are some logics that I will establish here.

• All over India, there are very few universities that are giving degrees/diplomas in astrology and there are more than a billion astrologers in India. So every year how many students are passing out from those universities or colleges? What is their maximum capacity? If you search on Google the number of astrologers is increasing day by day but not the number of colleges and universities.

• The colleges/universities are teaching astrology or giving those degrees at all have any government affiliations (not all universities)? Can they show those certificates of affiliation? I think they can’t. If they can show they will show them on their online/offline portals or websites.

• Once I have seen one picture of a famous person in the Mumbai film industry showing her hand to a famous astrologer in Kolkata. She can consult with a local astrologer in Mumbai. If you search on Google with “the best astrologer in Mumbai” or other fancy keywords you will find thousands of listings over there. So why she is coming to Kolkata to visit that astrologer? Does she come to Kolkata? Or any graphical activity going behind it?

• Is there any affiliation behind the degrees of astrologers like Shastri, pundits, doctors, etc? Is anyone giving these degrees or they are self-proclaimed? If I am talking about a doctorate is there any government-approved research work going on over astrology or any occult science?

• Some astrologers proclaimed themselves as “Vashikaran / Tantra expert”. Are they having a degree in tantra? How did they get the title EXPERT? They are helping their clients to achieve their dishonest wishes through Vashikaran / Tantra by damaging their opponent’s health, wealth, or life. I don’t think these things can be done because this is the practice of our ancient rishis and munies. They would never practice such occult for the destruction of humanities. But my question is which institute or university is teaching or providing a degree for the such a destructive course? Do they have any affiliation to do that?

• As astrology is an ancient subject and it takes too much time and determination to acquire true knowledge of astrology. They can achieve them through self-study. Why they are going for any degrees? If they have achieved such degrees, and have done a doctorate why do they use any software or apps for their predictions? Why they don’t do that manually? In earlier periods astrologers use to do manual calculations. Where their calculations were wrong? I don’t think so. They don’t have any degrees at all.

• Recently you can see some colleges; universities are teaching astrology and giving degrees to their student. But my concern is that the teachers who are teaching those students have any affiliated astrology degrees. I think they don’t have because these courses started a few years back.

These are all my thoughts about the courses and degrees on astrology that are being provided in recent times. I may be right, may be wrong but the decision is all yours.