Cats Eye

Cat’s Eye is a semi-precious gemstone. It is a variety of chrysoberyl mineral which is the third hardest natural gemstone. According to Vedic astrology, it represents the shadow planet Ketu and gives a lot of benefits to its wearer.

Benefits of Cats Eye:

The powers inherent in the Cat’s Eye gemstone come from the spiritual planet Ketu which controls this precious gemstone. With the golden color of this beautiful gemstone, it is associated with bringing wealth to the wearer. Further, the magical powers of this alluring gemstone are known to protect its wearer from the influence of evil spirits and the envy of other people. Worn extensively to display perceptual beauty, a cat’s eye is taken as an attraction of good fortune in different cultures. A cat’s eye stone brings self-control and discipline to its wearer.

Ketu is known as the shadow planet of the astrological planets and is considered to be the descending node of the moon due to its similar effect it is called “Second Mars”. Wearing Cat’s Eye brings liberal thinking to its wearer and separates him from materialistic things that provide a path to salvation.

If Ketu has a detrimental condition for a person, wearing Cats Eye Stone is extremely beneficial in reversing the negative effects and stimulating the positive effects of Ketu for the wearer. Ketu is responsible for diseases such as paralysis, heart disease, ringworm, boils, pimples, smallpox, spinal and foot problems, arthritis, gout, leg pain, joint and knee pain, dropsy and hormonal imbalances that can be ruled out and in a prescribed way a Cat’s Eye Healing using gemstones.

In addition, Cats Eye Stone is beneficial in leukemia, back pain, apoplexy, and paralysis. Miraculously, Cat’s Eye Stone secretly provides wealth to the wearer through stock exchanges, races, gambling, and betting.


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