Red Coral (Probal)

Red Coral gemstone, also known as Praval or Moonga, which is ruled by Mars/Mangal, is one of the popular gemstones that is known to the astrological world.

Benefits of Red Coral (Probal):
  • The red coral makes the wearer dynamic, energetic, and confident over time. One feels energetic, determined, and confident when performing any kind of work in daily life.
  • The cosmic yellow color reflected by the red coral is related to the spinal system, including the blood, lymph nodes, bone marrow, and head. Gemstones cure a number of diseases related to the immune system. It helps in curing smallpox, fever, jaundice, blood diseases, anemia, typhoid, bile problems, and many more.
  • The red coral develops winning qualities in the wearer and makes them resolute. It is beneficial for professional growth in various fields such as surgeons, police, soldiers, etc. It also helps to increase the wearer’s confidence and administrative ability.
  • The Red Coral brings harmony to family life and increases attraction in marital life. Red coral is able to prevent miscarriage if used after three months of pregnancy. If anyone is worried about marriage or their children’s jobs, Red Coral is known to address all their concerns.
  • A special magical effect of the stone is that it acts as an indicator of impending misfortune. If the wearer continues to suffer from illness in the future, the color changes.

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