Hessonite (Gomed)

Hessonite or Gomed is a deep brown or honey-colored, semi-precious gemstone belonging to the Grossular garnet mineral family. It is worn to overcome the negative effects of Rahu as well as to achieve power, wealth, and public career, job, and business success.

Benefits of Hessonite (Gomed):

Increased income
– If Rahu is placed positively in the zodiac sign of birth, Gomed helps in acquiring wealth. Financial gain from various sources is one of the many well-known benefits of wearing Gomed.

Advanced position and capability
– It is believed that when Rahu is in a favorable position in a person’s horoscope, a person can influence public opinion in his favor. Wearing it is thus considered extremely beneficial for people working in public relations, diplomatic positions, commissioning trade, and event management.

Creativity, clarity, and confidence
– Gomed gems are especially useful for people who are prone to fear, anxiety, or stress in their daily life. It helps to remove confusion, cowardice, and fear from the mind, thereby improving mental concentration and wearer’s focus.

Improved gastric, respiratory, and mental health
– One of the positive effects of wearing Gomed is the permanent relief from diseases like indigestion, asthma, and anxiety.

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